English - CAD-Viewer 3DVBVIEW for Visual Basic Studio 2017 and Windows 10 with DirectX11

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3DVBVIEW offers the following features in the code basic version
- Viewing of DXF and STL models from 3D CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Solid Edge, Solid Works, Inventor, Catia, Pro/E
- Particular STL assembly groups can be united to a main assembly group and can turn on and turn off
- ASCII interface with neutral format with extremely fast storing of large models
- Editor for coordinate points and triangles to change geometry of the models
- 3D-Modell can be turned, scaled and placed in real time
- user friendly interface with many dialogue boxes, tree views and icon menus
- Setup for colors and light effects
- 3DVBVIEW can be inserted license-free into own developments

3DVBVIEW offers the following extensions
- Texts in different Fonts can be added the CAD model as Markups (source code MARKUP)
- Distances or diameters can be checked accurately (source code MEASURE)
- compute tangential contact algorithm from particular assembly groups (source code CONTACT)
- To turn and move animation part around individual assembly groups (source code ANIMATION)

Why 3DVBVIEW buy
- You save approx. 2-3 years development time
- You must not learn C# or C++

Source code of the Basic version
3DVBVIEW with source code for VB.NET/Visual Basic Express 2008/Visual Studio 2010/2013/2015 and DirectX9 for 3D-VIEWS, PAN, ZOOM, 3D-ORIGIN in REAL TIME and Import of STL models
for Windows XP, 7, 8 und 10.

VB.NET Source code CONTACT
Code of a tangential contact algorithm over e.g. collisions, to determine intersections between individual assembly groups

VB.NET Source code MEASURE
Distances or diameters can be checked accurately interactively

VB.NET Source code MARKUP
Text Markups with arbitrary texts and Fonts can be added the 3D-Modell. Placing the texts both in the picture and in the absolute Cartesian coordinate system

With this source code particular assembly groups can be turned and moved separately. A professional animation of a robot arm from a 3DVBVIEW User is attached

VB.NET Source code DXF
Source Code for import AutoCAD or compatibles CAD model in 2D or 3D.

VB.NET Source code 3DS

Source Code for import 3DS files from 3ds MAX from Autodesk.

VB.NET Source code
Source Code for import of DirectX .X Files and saving .X Files with texture

Usable for commercial purpose
3DVBVIEW is a licence-free source code frame and ready for immediate use of own 3D Visual Basic developments.

Here you can purchase the entire code for Visual Basic

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