2DVBMnist - Fast 3D-Engine in Visual Basic .NET and DirectX11 without C - Schnelle 3D-Engine in Visual Basic .NET und DirectX11 ohne C

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Viewer and Converter for MNIST-Databases for CSV- and Binär-Files of Neural Networks.

With 2DVBMNIST you can convert and scale thousands of labels into other formats in a short time to improve
the results of your Neural Networks. All labels can be clearly displayed and edited in special dialog boxes.
You can purchase 2DVBMIST for 69 € / Year in our Store.

                                      MNIST 28x28/Gray   <->   MNIST 32x32/Gray
                                      MNIST 28x28/Gray   <->   MNIST 48x48/Gray
                                      MNIST 28x28/Gray   <->   MNIST 64x64/Gray

                                      MNIST 28x28/Color   <->   MNIST 32x32/Color
                                      MNIST 28x28/Color   <->   MNIST 48x48/Color
                                      MNIST 28x28/Color   <->   MNIST 64x64/Color

                                   Please download a 14 Days Demo of 2DVBMNIST

Scale-Format from 28x28/Gray Pixel to 48x48/Gray Pixel:

Scale-Format from 28x28/Gray to 64x64/Color and pasted with Paintbrush or Photofiltre new color images:

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